Regal Pet Foods Adult Farmhouse Recipe (Chicken and Duck) All Natural, Slow Cooked Whole Grain Dry Dog Food for All Breeds and Sizes of Adult Dog - Made in The USA, 13 LB Bag

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Brand: Regal Pet Foods
Flavor: Duck, Chicken
Target Species: Dog
Item Form: Dry
Breed Recommendation: Large Breeds, Medium Breeds, All Breed Sizes, Giant Breeds, Small Breeds

PROMOTES SHINY COAT & HEALTHY SKIN: Say goodbye to your dog's dull coat and dry skin. We derive omega-3 fatty acids from high-quality sources such as fish oils and flax seed, promoting a lustrous coat and helping improve skin health.
EXCELLENT FOR INGREDIENT SENSITIVITIES: Each kibble is crafted using a unique slow cooking method that protects nutrient levels and helps eliminate any potential allergy triggers, making this an excellent food choice for your dog with ingredient sensitivities.
SUPPORTS HEALTHY JOINTS & CONNECTIVE TISSUE: Great choice for adult and senior dogs - our recipe is fortified with glucosamine, a natural source to support proper joint and connective tissue health, function and development.
PROMOTES HEALTHIER GI TRACT: Added probiotics and fiber sources with pre- and pro-biotic characteristics aid in keeping your dog’s GI tract healthy, helping strengthen your dog's immune system for a happier, healthier dog.
HEART HEALTHY INGREDIENTS: We only include premium chicken and duck meat, and no artificial ingredients like other dog foods on the market. Our ingredients are enriched with taurine to support eye and heart health for sustained energy for all dogs.
Age range description: all life stages

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