Official Shopify partner

Official Shopify partner

Today we officially became a Shopify partner

You can now easily install the Suntence app from the Shopify App Store and connect it to your store

This will give you the ability to easily import products into Suntence if you want to be a supplier. If you want to expand your store's inventory, you can export products from Suntence to Shopify.

Importing products from Shopify to Suntence is very easy
To do this, you just need to go to the Import section, select the desired products and click the “Import to Suntence” button.

Imported products will appear in the My Products section

Exporting products from Suntence to Shopify is also easy. To do this, go to the Products section, select the desired products and click on the Export to shopify button

After a short wait - the selected products will appear in your Shopify store