How to increase Wholesale sales?

How to increase Wholesale sales?

Often, ambitious start-up entrepreneurs are faced with the problem of choosing a wholesale and retail trade. Both lines of business have a number of advantages and disadvantages.

To organize a retail store you need:

  • Find a place to store products
  • Find Suppliers
  • Have enough money to pay for storage and purchases
  • Consider advertising costs

To organize a wholesale trade, you will need

  • Find a supplier (one or more)
  • Choose a store for the sale of goods
  • Find staff

SUNTENCE Wholesale

If you decide to select wholesale model, then at Suntence we have prepared a simple solution for you.

You can add your products and thousands of sellers from all over the world will have access to them

How to do it?
First, register an account using the link

Account name field is a name of your store,
for example: my-wholesale-account-of-luck-and-peace
You can use any account name)

Open Settings page and select your currency. This will be the main currency of your account

Now you can add your first item

Open My Products

Then click Add product

Fill the product page

Fill in the main fields about the product. In the Sale Price field, enter the unit price of the item. This is the cost at which you can send dropshipping items
And in the Recommended retail price field, enter the recommended retail price for store owners

Next, you will need to fill in information about wholesale prices for sellers. And also do not forget to indicate the quantity of goods that you have in stock. If you have several warehouses, then you can add them at Settings -> Locations

If the product has options, then do not forget to indicate them too

That's all.

Don't forget to save the added item by clicking Save at the top of the screen.

After that, your products will be available to thousands of sellers around the world. You can also tell your potential partners about Suntence and this will expand our Community

I hope that everything worked out for you and I wish you good luck