Start an online store in a few easy steps

The first time I considered how to start an online store, I remember staring at the blank canvas before me, not knowing where to begin.

Looking back, the mistakes I made are not uncommon for first-timers. That’s why I wanted to create the best guide for how to make a website to sell your products.

1. Сhoose an e-commerce platform

First of all you need to choose an e-commerce platform.
I'm recommending to you register at
Unlike many e-commerce platforms - here you will immediately get the opportunity to publish your products both in your own store and in the marketplace.
Suntence has a free trial period, so you don't have to pay anything right away.

2. Choose your products

One of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face is finding profitable products to sell. Coming up with product ideas is a bit tricky, but if you have a target audience in mind, you’re one step ahead. Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities to find products to sell, whether you’re manufacturing, reselling, or dropshipping.

If you manufacture products, then it is enough for you to simply start selling them.

Just add your products to Suntence and you'll be able to sell them right away. The platform offers several ways to trade.

  1. The simplest is the built-in Marketplace, where your products will automatically appear after publication.
  2. Suntence is directly connected to Shopify and thousands of other sellers will be able to sell your products alongside with you

The same opportunities are provided for resellers and dropshippers.

Start your free trial today